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(former Economia. Seria Management)

Mission statement

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS REVIEW is a peer-reviewed journal, issued biannual (on June 15 and December 15) in online form (e-ISSN 2501-885X).

Aiming to promote scientific research in management and economics area, to disseminate new knowledge, to stimulate critical thinking and also to meet the professional needs of readers, MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS REVIEW publishes innovative empirical, theoretical, review articles and studies using quantitative or qualitative approaches, focused on a wide range of topics related to management and economics science and practice...


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The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE)
Faculty of Management, Department of Management
6, Piata Romana, 1st district, postal code: 010374, postal office 22, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +4.021.319.19.00 | +4.021.319.19.01 / Int. 223
Fax: +4.021.319.18.99
E-mail: mer@man.ase.ro
Site: www.mer.ase.ro
Publisher: Editura ASE, editura@net.ase.ro, www.ase.ro